Hamilton’s Starlite Drive-In is set to reopen soon

Traditional movie theatres have been heavily impacted by the restrictions during the pandemic, while drive-in movie theatres can thrive due to the ability for patrons to watch films safely in their own separate vehicles. 

This added level of safety has encouraged Premier Theatres, a company owning drive-in theatres across Southern Ontario, to look into opening before their usual season begins. 

Hamilton’s Starlite Drive-In is included under the Premier Theatres banner as they announced their intention to open for business in the coming weeks.

“2020 was a challenging year but we manage to bring families and friends together to celebrate and capture great moments of movies, concerts, corporate events and some fresh air, all safely under the stars,” read a post on the Starlite’s Facebook page. 

“We are gearing up and getting ready to start our 2021 season in early March. We will have lots of amazing content and we will sure create some more incredible memories to last a lifetime.”

It seems like the Starlite Drive-In is scheduled to open by Friday, March 5th, COVID-19 restrictions permitting. 

Programming for the Starlite Theatre is yet to be announced but you can keep up to date by visiting their website.  

Lead image courtesy of Starlite Hamilton

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