Local rock band The Dirty Nil release new album

Some albums welcome the listener to a musical journey with a careful and casual introduction that features a presentation of subtle themes. This is not one of those albums.

The Dirty Nil takes us into the world of Fuck Art by kicking down the door and taking no prisoners with opening track ‘Doom Boy’, a song that balances a thrashing sound with an infectious beat presented before the backdrop of a love story.

This unique blend of sounds and themes is a prevailing choice throughout the album, with each track offering the listener instrumentals fueled by wild abandon with lyrics that are a mingle of poetry, wit, and trademark irreverence.

Stand out tracks include ‘Doom Boy, Elvis ’77, and Hello Jealousy not just for their fast-paced and catchy rhythms, but for their emotionally palpable lyrics that pack a punch of startling honesty.

“The sun never shines when there’s one flake of snow, I’m going through the seasons wearing envy like a coat” is a lyric that speaks to the self-deprecating themes of ‘Hello Jealousy’ as well as to the many habits of the human condition. While it is easy to get swept up in the fun energy of each song, a strength of the album is giving the listener an offering of deeper contemplation.

Overall, this group of Dundas alt-rockers have put together an engaging album that marches to a fun beat, as well as offering well-crafted stories through strong songwriting all while remaining true to their mischievous roots.

The Dirty Nil’s Fuck Art can be streamed on all major streaming services, or you can purchase one of their limited edition coloured LP’s off their website

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