Hamilton siblings host new home renovation show on HGTV

The television series Farmhouse Facelift follows Hamiltonians Carolyn Wilbrink and Billy Pearson as they look to breathe new life into farmhouses in need of a reno

Renovators Carolyn and Billy are siblings who grew up in Waterdown and continue to live in the Hamilton-area. The professional renovation team grew up on their own farm and have experience with renovating country-side properties. 

Viewers will follow the brother and sister team tackle some tough farmhouse renovations as they restore and reclaim the charm of vintage properties.

In the first episode, homeowners John and Kristine need help renovating a farmhouse that’s been in the family for four generations. 

The home is filled with family history and memories, but it’s indeed of a major upgrade to turn it into a dream home for the new generation. 

With multiple doors, poor layout, and rotting wood, the house is practically falling apart. Carolyn and Billy are challenged with restoring the house with a more modern look while holding onto its family history.

Farmhouse Facelift premieres on HGTV on Wednesday, March 3rd at 10 pm.

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