A remake of Firestarter starring Zac Efron will be shot in Hamilton

Zac Efron is comin’ to town.

The former Disney heartthrob and High School Musical star will soon be right here in Hamilton shooting Firestarter: a remake of a horror movie based on the famous 1980 Stephen King novel of the same title.

The original 1984 film adaptation of the King classic stars a young Drew Barrymore in one of her breakout roles, and follows a young girl who develops the power of pyrokinesis: the ability to create and control fire with the mind.

This forthcoming remake, produced by horror-forward production company Blumhouse alongside Universal Studios, will be directed by Keith Thomas and is expected to go to camera from May 25th to July 21th; however, it’s unclear which of those production dates will take place specifically in Hamilton.

Production for the film has even received some public well-wishes from the master of horror himself in the form of a tweet.

“I’m sending cast and crew a hunka hunka burning love,” tweeted novelist Stephen King, making a cheeky reference to the story’s themes.

This will be lead actor Efron’s second time on set in Hamilton, the first being the time he spent in town shooting Hairspray: a 2007 film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, some of which was filmed at the city’s Queen Victoria School.

Further details are currently pretty slim, but keep your eyes peeled for Firestarter as it kicks off production in Hamilton next month!

Lead image courtesy of Pocket Books

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