Hamilton was part of an answer on Jeopardy this week

Social media was all aflutter this week when Jeopardy viewers recognized a question on the show that featured Hamilton.

Jeopardy is an incredibly popular, long-running TV game show that gives players the answer to a question, with the player then required to figure out the question that goes with the presented answer. 

We made it on Jeopardy! from Hamilton

Locals were delighted to see that Hamilton was part of an answer on one of the latest episodes of the game show.

The text that was presented to the players included, “Canada’s port city of Hamilton at the western end of this very provincial lake,” with the question, or ‘answer’, being “What is Lake Ontario?”

Jeopardy has been on the news a lot lately after the passing of long time Canadian host Alex Trebek at the end of last year.

The show has been using different hosts as they look for someone to fill in the giant game show host shoes left by the Sudbury native. 

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