Richard Gere has been filming a new movie in Hamilton

If you see a soft-faced, silver-haired gentleman strolling around Hamilton and think “hey, that looks like Richard Gere,” there’s a non-zero chance you are genuinely looking at the famed movie star.

That’s because Gere has been in Hamilton shooting an English-language remake of the 2017 Israeli film Longing.

With a storied career in films like Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, American Gigolo, and Chicago among dozens of others, the 73-year-old Golden Globe winner is an iconic fixture of many classic movies.

In Longing, helmed by the 2017 film’s original director Savi Gabizon, Gere stars as a bachelor forced to re-evaluate his life choices when he discovers that an ex-girlfriend had given birth to his son 20 years ago; a son he never knew.

Production for Longing has been well underway here in Hamilton and in other Ontario locales, including Toronto.

On October 11th, Gere created quite a social media stir in Hamilton when local fan Dylan Atack showed up on set with a sign reading “Hamilton Loves Richard.” Gere kindly autographed the poster and spent time with Atack for a photo op.

A release date and full cast for Longing has not yet been announced.

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