Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum celebrates major anniversary

Today marks a special anniversary for the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. On September 11, 1988, the museum’s beloved Avro Lancaster took its first flight following an 11-year restoration period.

Featuring impressive flying characteristics and operational performance, the Avro Lancaster is the most famous Allied bomber of the Second World War.

The Lancaster could carry a huge bomb load – it was the Royal Air Force’s only heavy bomber capable of carrying the 12,000 lb “Tallboy” and 22,000 lb “Grand Slam” bombs.

Hamilton’s Lancaster was built in 1945 in Malton, Ontario. In recent years, the Avro Lancaster has been flown coast to coast in memory of thousands of Canadian airmen, ground crew and civilian workers at home who served our country in its time of need. The Lancaster even made a grand flight to England in 2014.

Today, 17 Lancasters survive around the world but only two are in flying condition. Hamilton is incredibly lucky to be home to such a rare and important piece of history.

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum will celebrate the Lancaster’s 30-year operational anniversary with a commemorative 30-minute flight over Hamilton. Some of the original restoration crew will be at the museum to answer questions.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the sky around 1:30 pm to catch a glimpse of the plane.

Have you visited the Avro Lancaster before? What are you favourite pieces of history in Hamilton? Let us know in the comments.

Second Lancaster photo courtesy of Alan Wilson on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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