Four condo towers coming to Brebeuf Secondary School

After being blasted by local residents earlier this year, Sonoma Homes has scaled back their proposed condominium development plan for their Acadia Drive and Upper Sherman site.

The 4.7 acres of land adjacent to St. Jean de Brébeuf Catholic Secondary School will still be home to four new towers, albeit smaller in height than originally proposed.

Rather than two 11-storey towers, a 9-storey building and an 8-storey tower, the developer is looking to build three 8-storey towers and one 6-story building. Three of the structures will be located on the north side of Acadia Drive with the forth tower situated on the south side of Acadia cornered at Upper Sherman beside Billy Sherring Park.

This new plan will total 321 units on the site — that’s 168 fewer than the 489 units in the previous version. The plan to have Cartier Cres join Acadia Dr appears to have been scrapped, too.

While a planning consultant for Sonoma Homes has said that the revised proposal conforms with the Urban Hamilton Official Plan and will only require a zoning change to proceed, it may not be so straightforward.

The Public Record reports that “Sonoma Homes will need to wait until mid-2020 at the earliest for the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) to rule on the merits of a proposal for 321 units in four mid-rise buildings”.

The 10 day hearing that commences February 10, 2020 is victim to a huge backlog currently experienced at the LPAT (formerly known as the Ontario Municipal Board) which’ll likely prevent shovels in the ground to at least 2021.

The backlog is not completely unexpected, however, as Hamilton has smashed its own construction record this year.

As the city continues to intensify its density, expect more of Hamilton to grow tall than wide, which’ll inevitably bring more cases to the Tribunal.

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