Hamilton ranked among Canada’s top ten places to buy real estate

Everyone knows Hamilton is becoming quite the hot spot for homebuyers to settle down. What you might not know is that it may be an even hotter spot than you think.

A recent report created by MoneySense Magazine ranked Hamilton as one of the top 10 places to buy real estate in Canada for 2019, based on factors like momentum, value, and expert insight. With the average house price sitting at $587,300, Hamilton ranked at number 7 on the list, coming well ahead of popular urban centres like Toronto, which was ranked at number 22.

In many ways, Hamilton’s ranking is not all that surprising; the city has become a major spot for urban development in recent years, attracting a number of developers with newfound interest in the city’s burgeoning potential.

Property values, at least for now, also haven’t yet reached the astronomical heights of cities like Toronto. Moving to Hamilton proves to be a great way for home buyers to settle down in a rejuvenating city and obtain far more affordable housing than in similar surrounding areas.

Hamilton is also attractive for its strong current job economy, with a climbing number of forthcoming retirees leaving positions open and only a 3.5% unemployment rate, the lowest locally in almost two decades.

On top of all that, the relative easy access to Toronto, especially with the continuing increase and efficiency of local GO Transit service, makes Hamilton a worthwhile spot for those who need to commute to The 6ix for work each day.

Plus, with all of the popular restaurants and craft breweries popping in our growing hospitality scene, our famous waterfalls and hiking trails, and an endless stream of exciting arts and culture events, who wouldn’t want to make their home in Hamilton?

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