Three new proposed towers in Stoney Creek to become Hamilton’s tallest buildings

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The major three-tower proposal at 310 Frances Avenue in Stoney Creek has seen major updates in its second Site Plan Approval submission to the City.

The original plan proposed three towers with heights of 48, 54, and 59 storeys respectively. The updated plan for the site still contains three tall towers, but with modified heights of 47, 52, and 59 storeys respectively.

The massing of the podium has been modified with a new break in the podium along Green Road resulting in increased open space at ground level, space for a dedicated access route to commercial parking, allow for an increase in commercial floor space area, and generally lighten the bulk of the podium.

With the revisions to the podium massing, the location of the towers have shifted from the previous plan which saw them placed in a diagonal manner across the site. The new plan groups the 59 and 52 storey towers together and places them within the general centre of the site, and sees the 47 storey tower move to the northwest corner of the site.

Another notable change to the site plan is the relocation of the residential parking entrances to Green Road and North Service Road, in order to address traffic concerns on Frances Avenue.

The design of the towers has evolved with the floorplates shrinking from 952 square metres to 842 square metres each, resulting in towers with a more slender appearance. However, the City has noted that the Tall Building Guidelines generally require tower floorplates to be limited to 750 square metres, with exceptions for proposals which meet other requirements within the Tall Building Guidelines.

The applicant’s planners, GSP Group, note that the floorplate size decrease is significant, and that shadows and views are also impacted by shape, proportion, and orientation of towers, and that a more rectangular floorplate that meets the 750 square metre guideline could result in increased shadow and view impacts.

Aesthetically, the towers now features a more organic, fluid balcony treatment that mimics the appearance of waves, compared to the previous modular block treatment.

While the overall unit count stays at 1,836, one of the apparent casualties of the reduction in floorplate size is a major reduction in two-bedroom units, with one-bedroom units now accounting for over 88.6% of the suites, at a count of 1,628. The count of two-bedroom units falls from 609 to 200, and the count of three-bedroom units remains unchanged at 8 units.

All in all, the changes made to the 310 Frances project are indicative that this rare site with unlimited height and density provisions are still eyed for Hamilton’s three new tallest towers by developer New Horizons Development Group, and that they’re not looking to concede on height or density.

HamiltonForward will continue to monitor the 310 Frances project as it moves through the Site Plan Application process, and will update our website with new information as it becomes available.

A file containing more technical and regulatory information about the 310 Frances project is linked here.

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