Kitchener-based Stybek Roofing puts people first

“It’s not in-and-out type of work; it’s people-centric.”

Andrew Selbie, general manager of Kitchener-based Stybek Roofing, is talking about the company’s approach to cultivating meaningful, lasting relationships with its clients in Kitchener, the Hamilton area, and beyond.

“We are smaller, but our relationships are very genuine. Stybek is a 30-year-old company, and some of those relationships date that far back.”

This dedicated commitment to the individual needs of each client has made Stybek one of the region’s most trusted and respected commercial roofing companies. One of its core philosophies is that each project is unique and deserves a customized approach.

Since its inception in 1991, Stybek Roofing has cemented itself as one of Southern Ontario’s premier purveyors of commercial roofing services, specializing in roof replacements, restorations, and modifications as well as leak repairs, green roofing, preventative maintenance, siding, and more.

Though its roots are in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, Stybek has several commercial roofing clients in Hamilton, including flat roofing and preventive roof maintenance services for real estate investment manager Forge & Foster and property management company Wilson Blanchard.

Andrew Selbie, general manager of Stybek Roofing

Like most independent businesses in the region, Stybek Roofing has undergone challenges in recent months due to COVID-19; however, as an essential service that has always prioritized health and safety, they were already in a prime position to pivot their operations.

“You’re always thinking about safety (in the roofing business),” says Selbie. “You’re working on a roof, sometimes near the edge. Sometimes there’s an open flame or harsh chemicals.”

When COVID-19 hit, Stybek Roofing immediately integrated personal protective equipment (PPE) and rigorous sanitizing measures into its already-strong health and safety protocols.

“We’re one of the services that remains essential, so we had to make sure everyone was doing what they’re supposed to with masks and hand sanitization,” adds Selbie.

As it turns out, the pandemic didn’t just encourage Stybek to ramp up its safety protocols; it also inspired acts of support for other important institutions in the community.

As someone who was brought up in a low-income household, Selbie was moved by the challenges his local women’s shelter, Marillac Place, was going through this Christmas. So he offered to donate some unused baby items from his household, such as bottles, toys, and clothing.

Though they couldn’t accept the offer due to COVID-19 safety concerns, Selbie’s contact at Marillac Place noticed Stybek Roofing in his email signature and requested a quote for some much-needed restoration work at their facility.

Selbie and Stybek Roofing responded by donating $5,000 worth of time, labour, and materials to redo the shelter’s front façade and install a waterproof membrane under the siding. The work was complete just before the region started experiencing heavier bouts of winter weather.

Stybek Roofing isn’t just a run-of-the-mill contracting company: they really do live up to their core mission of being people-centric.

Learn more about Stybek Roofing on their website.

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