The 10 Best Burger Joints in Hamilton for 2018

The burger scene in Hamilton is exploding and with new shops popping up every year, there’s never been a better time to explore Hamilton in search of your new fav burger spot.

Here’s our 2018 list for Hamilton’s 10 best LOCAL burger joints.

  Pinks Burgers

Burgers, gyros, fries, shakes, and beer. Need I say more? Food joints near universities don’t typically have to be of great quality to stay in operation but we’re thoroughly impressed with the level of deliciousness you can get right across McMaster. Serving burgers until 3:00 am on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, you’ll likely be able to make time for one of these beauties.

  Twist Burger Bar

Twist Burger Bar is Hamilton’s newest burger joint, offering gourmet burgers made from scratch using top level ingredients and their patties are ground fresh before each order. Surprisingly, one of the few restaurants in the city that ask me for the level of done-ness I prefer. The spices mixed into the ground beef make for a very flavourful patty.

 The Burnt Tongue (Cannon St. E)(Locke St. S)

You wouldn’t think a place known for their soup would also be home to some of Hamilton’s best burgers, but that’s exactly the case at The Burnt Tongue. While they typically only have two burgers to choose from (the classic or the deluxe), both are everything you’d want out of a burger. With burgers starting as low as $5, The Burnt Tongue’s taste-to-price ratio is unmatched in the city.

 Patties Burger Bar 

Open only since the fall of 2017, Patties Burger Bar has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the best options when it comes to BBQ style hamburgers. This burger joint’s secret weapon is their prime rib patties that come soaked in delicious BBQ sauce. While it’s located on the far East Mountain, it’s absolutely worth checking out to experience their take on the classic burg. But be warned; very messy to eat!

 Jack & Lois

Nobody puts the comfort into comfort food like Jack & Lois. They’re all about top shelf gourmet sandwiches and burgers you won’t find anywhere else. While maintaining a delicious varied menu, they upkeep a unique diner-esque feel that makes you feel right at home. During the spring and summer months we HIGHLY recommend you check out their patio; arguably one of the best in Hamilton.

  Delirious Burger (Locke St. S)(King St. W)

Serving up delicious backyard style burgers, the only thing delirious about this burger joint was not expanding to their second location sooner! While their menu is limited, each of their specialized burgers is a deliciously greasy sandwich of goodness and many argue their fries are even better.

  Memphis Fire Barbeque Company

The expertise of this top-notch barbeque restaurant melds with the burger world to create BBQ-style hamburgers so incredibly delicious it’ll make your head spin. While you’ll have to trek to Winona to get a taste of their BBQ style sandwiches, you’ll come to discover not only one of the best places to get a burger but one of the best BBQ restaurants in all of Southern Ontario. The Sneaky Cheese is a favourite of loyal customers!

 HAMBRGR (King William St.)(Ottawa St. N)

Hamilton’s famous burger bar. Only in operation since 2015, the brand recognition of HAMBRGR makes it feel as though they’ve been around for decades. HAMBRGR has solidified its place in our city with their locally sourced products and unwavering support of Hamilton. But most of all, they are hands down the restaurant with the most creative burgers you can get in the city with unreal shakes and poutines to match.

  Real Burger

Real Burger has been a popular destination for burger lovers in the Waterdown area for a few years now, but the original owner sold the business 7 months back to entrepreneurs Ramesh & Ata who have completely reimagined the space and menu into a burger lover’s paradise. The owners’ nutritionist background shines through with their choice in fresh ingredients that make a noticeable impact on the flavour. There’s dozens of hot sauces that sit on a barrel in the centre of the restaurant if you so dare. In addition, you can find chicken burgers, hotdogs, poutine and shakes all created with the same level of care and richness.

  The Ship

Consistently awesome burgers, an awesome indoor atmosphere and one of the most beautiful patios downtown has to offer. The craft beer selection rotates frequently and their fries are superb. The Ship’s burgers are nothing short of culinary artwork.

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