The 10 Best Places to Buy Thanksgiving Pie

Fall is officially here, Hamilton! As the leaves change colour and the temperatures drop, fall brings us not only the year’s best fashion trends but it also brings the best tasting baked goods. Cozy nights in and family get togethers call for the best dessert: pie.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner – seriously, it’s on Monday! – we wanted to take the time and share with you some of the best places in the city to buy pie. Showcasing a combination of new and old favourites, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect pie to fit your needs this holiday season.

Here’s our 2018 list for Hamilton’s 10 best places to buy Thanksgiving Pie.

  Sweet Paradise

Sweet Paradise is an authentic Italian bakery that offers a wide variety of bread, pastries, specialty cakes and so much more. While Sweet Paradise is known for their undeniably delicious fresh bread and unforgettable pastries (seriously, try the cannolis!), they also make some incredible pies.

Sweet Paradise puts their heart and soul into their baked goods, giving each product the utmost thought and care. By focusing on a handful of favourite flavours, the bakery has been able to perfect their craft and offer their customers the best tasting pies possible.

Whether you’re in the mood for sweet blueberry or tart lemon meringue, Sweet Paradise’s pies are worth checking out.


Zarky’s has been a Hamilton staple for over 30 years. Known for creating comfort foods at amazing prices, Zarky’s offers their customers fresh baked bread, pizza, baked goods, ready-to-go meals and an incredible assortment of day-to-day groceries. No matter the season, Zarky’s is home to a great selection of pies ready to be picked up and enjoyed.

While pumpkin is a seasonal favourite, Zarky’s also offers cherry, triple berry, pecan, apple and other delectable flavours. Depending on the season, Zarky’s will incorporate other fillings such as rhubarb and peach.

Not only does Zarky’s create quality products but their prices are also reasonable. Be sure to check out Zarky’s when looking for your Thanksgiving dessert.

  Bennett’s Apples & Cider

For over 100 years, Bennett’s Apples has been a top spot when it comes to picking up delicious, fresh apples that are handpicked off the trees.

But, they also have a small market where you can pick up baked goods including some amazing pies and cider donuts!

This family farm also produces some of Hamilton’s finest ciders that’ll make you a hero at this year’s Thanksgiving.

  Lina’s Pastries & Coffee

If you’ve ever visited the Hamilton Farmer’s Market, there’s no way you’ve missed Lina’s European Pastries. Located on the bottom level of the market, Lina’s offers an incredible selection of inexpensive and delicious treats.

Every time I visit Lina’s I strive to try something new, but October always calls for taking home one of her pies. I typically go for apple or pumpkin; they appear simple but don’t be fooled, they’re packed full of flavour!

Having an autumn get-together and want a dessert without the frills? Impress your friends and pick up a pie from Lina’s European Pastries.

  Weil’s Bakery

A trip to Westdale isn’t complete without visiting Weil’s Bakery. This Hamilton staple creates breads and pastries from scratch, focusing on the recipes that their customers love and keep coming back for.

While Weil’s is known for their specialty cakes and pastries, ever holiday season they bring back their ever-delicious pies. Apple, pumpkin, cherry… if it’s classic, they sell it.

What makes Weil’s so great is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Through knowing what their customers like, they are able to keep making those products and have gotten it down to an art. Support your local bakery this Thanksgiving a grab a pie from Weil’s Bakery.

  Dyments Market & Bakery

Dyments Market & Bakery is famous for their homemade, country pies. From the dough being hand rolled by their bakers to the pie cooling off in the country air, Dyments makes sure their pies are made with plenty of love.

Dyments’ pies are the perfect marriage of their passion and sweet-tooth coming together; cooking with their hearts, they are able to create a difference you can taste. The bakery uses a combination of different fruits, crusts and their famous “crumble top” to make their perfect pies.

If you’re looking for the perfect fall day trip, be sure to visit Dyments Market & Bakery’s 120-acre farm. Not only will the kids love it, but your sweet-tooth will thank you, too.

  The Tiny Shop Bakery

Known for being pie specialists, the Tiny Shop Bakery has been in business for over 30 years. All of their pies and baked goods are made from scratch using the best quality ingredients.

The variety at Tiny Shop is unparalleled. They offer 36 flavours of pie – that’s right, 36! While they carry all of the traditional flavours and fall favourites, a visit to Tiny Shop is the perfect time to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Whether you’re looking to bring a tried and true classic or something new to Thanksgiving this year, you should give the pies at the Tiny Shop Bakery a whirl.

  Cake and Loaf

No matter the season, Cake and Loaf delivers some of the best baked goods in Hamilton. Thanksgiving is no exception.

Cake and Loaf’s pie selection features an assortment of whimsical, classic and vegan treats. Looking for pumpkin or apple? They’ve got it. Want to step outside your comfort zone? Why not try their cookie dough or sweet potato marshmallow pie? The bakery is also featuring three different options for those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

When you’re out looking for the best Thanksgiving pie to take to Grandma’s house this weekend, be sure to visit Cake and Loaf.

  Punch Bowl Market & Bakery

The Punch Bowl Market & Bakery is a unique family business, owned and operated by many generations of the Baruzza family. Located in a 150-year-old barn, this Hamilton favourite is neighbours with the Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area.

The bakery takes great pride in their delicious, home-style pies; each pie is made from the finest ingredients, locally grown fruit and even some of their very own home-grown rhubarb. They offer 15 different varieties of pie, including apple crisp, raspberry cream, pumpkin and their famous peninsula pie.

The Punch Bowl Market & Bakery is worth the drive not only for their delicious pie but also for the beautiful atmosphere. Even if you can’t make it to the bakery this weekend, you must make time to visit before fall’s over.

  Carluke Orchards

Coming in at number one on our list is Carluke Orchards, a family business that has been in operation since 1965. Originally a pick-your-own apple operation, the orchard has grown to include one of the best bakeries across Hamilton. What sets Carluke apart from other bakeries is their quality and dedication to creating the best pie in the city.

Carluke’s proudly offers locally sourced and Canadian made products. All of their baking is made in house from scratch, offering customers optimal quality and incredible taste. Carluke offers 14 different kinds of pie, including three different varieties of apple, blueberry, raspberry, pumpkin and eight others.

Every pie is equally a showstopper and a crowd pleaser; each piece is flavourful and well balanced, insuring each bite is as good as the last. Trust us: once you try your first pie from Carluke’s, you’ll find every excuse to go back and buy another.

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Costco pie image courtesy of @thecostcoconnoisseur on Instagram

Tiny Bake Shop pie image courtesy of Andrew Malone on Flickr

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