The 10 best post-breakup restaurants in Hamilton for 2019

Valentine’s Day is a date to spend quality time with the one you love, however, what is one to do for those days when you no longer have anyone to share it with? Well, they call it comfort food for a reason, and Hamilton has so many great spots that are perfect for getting over a heartbreak.

Here’s Steeltown Chowdown’s top 10 post-breakup restaurants in Hamilton!

  The Ship

When it comes to breakups, the best people to have around are your true best buds.  No place better to gather them all together than at the ship for some craft brews and tasty burgers.  The Ship’s location is excellent for a post-burger bar hop along Augusta Street while you collect more friends throughout the night.

  The Pigeon

Maybe you want to just up and leave #HamOnt behind and take the first flight out of town from YHM? Before you go, stop at The Pigeon in Mount Hope for one of Hamilton’s best kept secrets and the best fried chicken sandwich in town. With their rotating features you’ll be sure to find something different on special when you come back.

  The Doors Pub 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a positive way to get out all that anger and frustration, jump into the mosh pit at The Doors.

After slam-dancing to some of the area’s finest metal and punk bands, get some energy back with some simple and delicious tacos at a great price.

  The Fool & Flagon

Sometimes the best way to get over someone is to find the bottom of a bottle of beer. Fool & Flagon is the perfect place to sit at the bar and sob into your beer. To cheer you up, visit on Wednesday for cheap wing night and don’t forget to grab a side of their amazing jalapeno rolls.

  Hutch’s on the Beach

A long walk along the water can be just the thing to take your mind off of things. And when you’re done your stroll (and swinging in the batting cages at Adventure Village), end up at Hutch’s. Love is great and all, but can anything really match the happiness of when they call your number over the loudspeaker and slide across a tray of fish and chips or a Sportsman?


There’s nothing wrong with eating away your sorrows with a gigantic portion of meat on a bun. HAMBRGR’s weekly chef smashes and their indulgent milkshakes are the go-to for gluttony in the city.

Is it wrong to fall in love with a burger, even if it’s on the rebound?

  Miss Lyn’s Wings

You don’t want people to see you in your sweatpants with your crying puffy eyes! Instead, log on to SkipTheDishes and order the best take out wings in the entire city. Do yourself a solid and pay the extra money for a side of jerk spiced macaroni pie, too.

  Earth Shake

If you’re looking to get fit and toned to show your ex what they’re missing, take a long hike up to Dundas Peak, pose for a classic selfie to show the world you’ve moved on and then jog back down to Earth Shake in Dundas village. Their menu of organic juices, soups and sandwiches will get your mind and body kick-started again.

  Panini & Ice Cream

Okay, okay, so maybe getting ripped can wait until tomorrow and today you just want as much sugar as you can get AND in as many forms as you can get it.

Head to Panini & Ice Cream for a Unicorn Half and Half, which is a milkshake topped with ice cream and then topped with whipped cream, nerds, cotton candy, and rainbow candy. The sugar rush will at least temporarily replace the rush of romance.

  NIQUE Restaurant

Eventually it’s going to be time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and to move on. Surround yourself with beautiful people and open yourself up for love again. Nique’s energetic vibes, amazing sushi nachos and irresistible Nique Dessert Bar seem to draw together some of the city’s most delightful people. After all, if you’re there, you must be one of those alluring individuals too!

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Authored By: Todd & Mush of Steeltown Chowdown (IG: @steeltownchowdown)

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