The 10 best Hamilton home-based dessert businesses for 2020

The connectivity of the internet and social media has allowed businesses to interact with consumers in new ways; you can now make an inquiry or place an order entirely online. That ability has opened the door for people to pursue their hobbies and dreams as side businesses.

A typical starting point for many entrepreneurs is as a home-based business — many of which take the shape of delicious desserts.

As such, we are bringing you the top 10 home-based dessert businesses of 2020, thanks to @dough_nut_judge.

We encourage you to give them all a try, help them grow, and support their dreams!

Baked by B

Baked by B has been operating off and on for the past four years. The baker at the helm of this home based business works full time in Human Resources for a large Canadian retailer and bakes only when off hours.

Baked by B makes cakes, cupcakes, cakesicles, baked donuts and more. The cakesicles are particularly delicious and a must try. In addition, all of Baked by B treats are very aestheticly pleasing and perfect for parties or special occasions. Delivery can be arranged for larger orders, but otherwise pick-up is Fifty Rd and North Service Rd in Stoney Creek.

Nics Sweet Tooth

What started as a hobby while on maternity leave in the fall of 2019 has evolved into a booming home business. A hairstylist by day and baker by night, all while trying to be the best mom possible.

Nics Sweet Tooth specializes in frosted sugar cookies with customizable designs. They’re perfect for special occasions and events. Delivery is available for an additional fee or you can pick-up in the Upper Gage and Fennell area.

My Granny’s Apple Pie

The youngest business on the list at just a couple of months old. After baking her Granny’s pie recipe for over 15 years she decided to gauge the interest of her Strathcona and Kirkendall neighbours in a Facebook group in September 2020. The pies were a hit in the neighborhood and she’s been gaining momentum ever since.

The secret to the pie? It’s the simple yet delicious crust that’s been key to her success. My Granny’s Apple Pie has gone beyond just apple pies and now includes pumpkin pie, dutch apple, apple crisp and even oatmeal cookies. Granny would be proud! Pick-up is in the Dundurn and Main St area.

The Chubby Panda Donuts

The Chubby Panda Donuts has been serving baked doughnuts to the Hamilton area for four years. She offers an extensive menu of flavours with some seasonal rotations. The donut cake base has a similar texture to a cupcake. The flavours are really unique due to the fact the donut cake itself is flavoured. One of my favourites was strawberry shortcake which featured a strawberry cake dipped in a strawberry infused glaze topped with streusel.

I know what you’re thinking: a doughnut should be fried not baked — but I implore you to give these a try. They may not push you to quit fried doughnuts entirely but I think you’ll really enjoy them.

In The Mix

Another home business born during the Covid-19 quarantine. Owned and operated by a full-time student, a part-time restaurant worker and now a part-time baker as well. In The Mix makes cookies, cakes, squares, and brownies. Everything is made from scratch and made fresh to order. The “Levain” style cookies are a must try, similar to the famous Levain Bakery cookies in New York City.

In the Mix is in the process of creating a website and working towards nationwide shipping. The long term goal is to open up a storefront in the Hamilton area. Currently, there is only pick-up available in the Hester St and Upper Wellington area.

Sweet Aileen’s

A traditionalist baker that started her home business in the summer of 2019. Everything is made from scratch — even her graham crackers, Oreo cookie replicas, and fillings that are used in various treats. Sweet Aileen’s also uses local ingredients whenever possible, typically from the Hamilton Farmers’ Market.

Sweet Aileen’s bakes cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, cookies, macarons and even bread. The macarons are excellent with very sweet and decadent fillings. Pick-up is in the Garth and Rymal Rd area.

Natalia Bakeria

Natalia Bakeria was born during the Covid-19 lockdown. Natalia spent four months perfecting her doughnut recipe before offering them for sale. She makes yeast ring and filled doughnuts in a variety of flavours, including the popular, pistachio. She also allows you to customize your order from their menu of glazes and fillings.

Natalia Bakeria doughnuts are fried so they are quite indulgent. What’s great about this spot is that there are no minimum order requirements; you can literally order one doughnut if you wanted! If you’re on team fried, you’ll want to try these. Pick-up and delivery options are available, depending on your location.

Trendy Sugar Shop

Trendy Sugar Shop began over a year ago in Pakistan. A move to Hamilton didn’t get in the way of the dream as the business carried on. Luckily, Hamilton is a hotbed of foodies and sugar addicts. Trendy Sugar Shop has you covered with cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes and more.

Make sure you try the “Mega Treats”; a triple decker mashup of a brownie and cheesecake. The bottom layer is a fudge brownie, then a crunchy layer of crushed Oreos, a cheesecake, and topped with fruit, cookie pieces or chocolate. Toppings are customizable upon request. This spot is pick-up only in the Queenston and Barton area.

Perfect Bite Bake Shoppe

A manager of a medical office by day and a baker by night. Perfect Bite Bake Shoppe offers protein donuts, cakes, “garbage” cakes, and cheesecakes to order. Vegan and gluten-free options are available upon request.

The cheesecakes are rich and creamy. The garbage cake is a must-try for sweet addicts; a crumbled cake with cream swirls and/or sweet sauces topped with your favourite “garbage” treats on top. Perfect Bite is also a licensed caterer that can sweeten up your next event. Both delivery and pick-up options are available, pick-up is near First Rd. and Mud St.

Stuffed with Love

A home business born during the Covid-19 quarantine tops our list.

The baker behind Stuffed with Love had some extra time on her hands and started baking cookies, but not just any ordinary cookies. She started baking large, 4-5 oz. cookies stuffed with different varieties of chocolate, frostings and other inclusions.

What makes Stuffed with Love so good that she took the #1 spot? These cookies are buttery, sweet, soft, and chewy. They have amazing taste and texture; your teeth just glide through them and they melt in your mouth.

Stuffed with Love offers contact-less pickup and delivery throughout the city. Pick-up location is near Upper James St. and Fennell Ave East.

This is a sweet treat that will help you get through this crazy year.

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  1. Sarah E

    How are they all able to have home based businesses selling food items? I was told food has to be prepared in an inspected kitchen, which is why I’ve been holding back from selling gluten free treats. I honestly would be grateful for more information about how this is legally possible in Hamilton.

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